Haitian survivors rebuild their lives after deadly earthquake

The sad, uplifting story of a Haitian father who lost his wife and oldest daughter and works to make life better for himself and his youngest daughter, who lost her arm in the quake.


Mourners remember Elizabeth Edwards

This was one of the first videos I edited on deadline. A sad farewell to Elizabeth Edwards.

Homeless runners get back on their feet

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change … so begins every run for homeless men in D.C. on the road to recovery.


Latest story: So far in 2011, fewer deat

Latest story: So far in 2011, fewer deaths in national parks http://ow.ly/1e9Nha

Latest story: Family says conviction is

Latest story: Family says conviction is little comfort – Anthony Sowell was convicted of kidnapping and killing 11 w… http://ow.ly/1dXKMy

Latest story: Cleveland man found guilty

Latest story: Cleveland man found guilty of murdering 11 women http://ow.ly/1dVBce

Latest story: Official: Investigation in

Latest story: Official: Investigation into possible test cheating expands http://ow.ly/1dHrsy