4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I liked your article on ADA. I just find it hard to believe 50 million Americans would qualify under this Act. What is the source for this number?

    • Hello. You sent me an email on this a looong time ago and I had stopped checking into this blog site by then. I’m restarting it and wanted to apologize for never getting back to you. I just hadn’t seen the email. If i remember correctly one of the federal agencies was the source for that number.

  2. Hi Marisol, I came across your profile on LinkedIn when searching for writing/editing professionals in the area. We are staffing a project that may be of interest to you on a consultative/contract basis.
    Thank you!

    Associate Editor, Wash DC, 12 months

    • Paul. You sent me this email a loooong time ago and i had stopped checking this blog by then. i’m restarting it and just wanted to apologize for not seeing this or responding. good luck and i hope you found your people.

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